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Corresponding to RoHS Directive





Hazardous substances

Most concerns on Terminal

RoHS complied situation

Lead (Pb)

Construction of terminals

Tin(Sn) plated copper (Cu) covered iron (Fe)  

Plating on terminals

Change plating from Sn-Pb to Sn

Plating characters

Plating thickness 12μm

Plating type matte        

No heat treatment after plating

Resistance to soldering heat

Please see “Reflow Soldering Conditions for Lead-free V-chip Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor”

Solderability & Tensile strength

No difference with Sn-Pb


No difference with Sn-Pb  

Room storage test: 20-25, 30-80%RH, 4000hrs

Aging test: 60+/-5, 93+2/-3%RH, 4000hrs

Thermal cycle test: -55+0/-10 to 85+10/-0, 3 cycles/hour, 1000 cycles

Cadmium (Cd) 

Not detected ( 2 ppm )

Mercury (Hg) 

Hexavalent Chromium

(Cr VI) 


Not detected ( 5 ppm )


Identification for RoHS compliance parts


1.       Change product numbering system from “MVC” to “MLC” since 15 January 2005. “L” means “Lead-free”.

2.       Use the uniform “Pb-free” label and “e3” mark for KJ brand V-chip aluminum electrolytic capacitors on reels and in-boxes since 1 July 2006, except other requests from customers. “e3” is the category description of Pb-free terminal as Sn.

SGS commission test

Complying with RoHS Directive, have the annual commission tests on all materials, packaging materials and the finished products

MSL Level


Not applicable, and no need dry package

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