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  V-chip Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor
  > HT Wide Temperature
  > NP Bi-Polar
  > KP Bi-Polar with Wide Temperature
  > LZ Low Impedance
  > KZ Extra Lower Impedance
  > FZ Long Life with Extra Lower Impedance
  > EL Long Life Assurance
  > KL 4000~5000 Hours Load Life
  > KH High Reliability
  > HU Mid-to-High Voltage
  Other materials for customers reference
  > Product System Diagram
  > Part Numbering System
  > Product Identification
  > Taping Specification
  > Packaging Information
  > Reflow Soldering Conditions
  > Application Guideline
* IECQ HSPM QC 080000 Certification   
* ISO 14001 Certification  
* Announcement of Use Pb-free Identification Label   
* KJ Environmental Requirements  
* Corresponding to RoHS Directive  
* SGS Test Report on KJ's Capacitors Traceability  
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